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Kathryn Kane — Romance Is Closed

As of today, the Kathryn Kane — Romance blog is now closed. There will be no further posts made to this blog in the future. However, KKR will remain online as an archive, for those who find the articles here of value. Since it is now closed, the blog will no longer be actively maintained. Therefore, please accept the articles here as they stand, they will not be edited, updated or changed going forward.

In addition, commenting has now been closed for this blog. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me via my email address, which you will find posted near the bottom of the navigation panel to the right.

My sincere thanks to all of my readers and those who have been guests here over the years. I hope you will all continue to enjoy reading, and/or writing, tales of romance. Engaging romance novels have always provided me with a respite from the mundane track of my daily life and those happily-ever-after stories lift my spirits as nothing else does. Romance Forever!!!


Interview with Karen Turner, Regency Romance Author

My guest today is Karen Turner, an author of Regency romances who lives in Australia. She has kindly consented to an interview and I think you will find her lively responses most entertaining and enlightening. Karen in a woman after my own heart, who spends a lot of time researching the period in which she writes because she wants her stories to be as accurate to the period as possible. She has already released two Regency romances, Torn and Inviolate, and she is working on a new romance which is so top-secret that she cannot yet share the title. What a way to pique our curiosity? I can hardly wait for her next romance.

Please welcome Karen Turner . . .

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How I Found Out Where to Go and Got There by Alice Orr

Alice Orr’s most recent book in her Riverton Road Romantic Suspense series, A Villain for Vanessa, has just been released. This is the fourth book in the series, quite an accomplishment for any author, but particularly for an author who felt real trepidation at the idea of writing a series of books. Nevertheless, with the encouragement of friends and colleagues, Alice determined to embark on this adventure and has succeeded very well indeed. Today, Alice shares the story of her adventure in writing with us.

Without further ado, how Alice got there . . .

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Calling All Historical Romance Readers and Writers

For all of you who love to read and/or write historical romance, best-selling historical romance author, Jess Michaels, has something new for all of you. She has reinvented her Buy A Historical newsletter as a free electronic publication which will alert romance readers to new historical romance novels. Naturally, in order to provide those new titles, Jess invites all historical romance authors to submit the details on their new releases to her, also at no charge.

Below is the information which Jess has provided about her new newsletter for both readers and writers:

The Buy A Historical newsletter goes out once a week on Wednesday and announces NEW historical romance releases. The service is free. Authors can submit their books at http://www.buyahistorical.com in the Authors section. Readers can subscribe to the newsletter in the Readers section.

The Buy A Historical newsletter is run by me, Jess Michaels. Author of nearly 60 published historical romance novels, USA Today Bestseller, indie pubbed, formerly published by Avon, Pocket, Hachette, Samhain. If anyone has questions they can contact me at jess@authorjessmichaels.com. Please reference Buy A Historical in the email subject line.

If you enjoy reading historical romances and want to be kept up to date on the new releases in that genre, you will want to subscribe to Jess’s newsletter. And, if you are an author of historical romances, but sure to submit the details on your new releases so they can appear in the Buy A Historical newsletter.

BookBub Blogs: For Readers and Authors

Some of you may already know about BookBub. For readers, they offer a free service to provide recommendations for books based on each reader’s preferences. Readers can sign up to get emails with lists of books which fit the criteria they select when they register for the service. Authors and publishers pay to have their books listed in the BookBub recommendations. But did you know that BookBub also has a couple of blogs, one for readers and one for authors?

The BookBub blog for readers offers lots of fun articles about books, authors and a host of book-related topics. For those of you who love writing about books, BookBub is looking for paid contributors to this blog. The details can be found here.

The other blog at BookBub is their Partners blog. This blog is for authors, publishers and even literary agents. The articles posted to this blog offer insights into self-publishing, launching new books, promotion and marketing. Both new and experienced authors will find useful tips here which will help them navigate the modern publishing landscape.

Interview with A.M. Willard, Author of Fading Memories

In my interview with romance author, A. M. Willard, I discovered that I am not alone in having characters who have their own ideas about how their story should be written. She has had similar experiences and it turns out she has handled that in much the same way I ended up doing. As you will discover, she had her hands full with the characters from her most recent novel, the contemporary romance, Fading Memories. Fortunately, she survived the experience, retained her sanity and Fading Memories is now available for everyone to relish watching her two wounded characters find their way to one another.

Please welcome A.M. Willard . . .

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Interview with Constance Hussey, Author of Trusting Lord Summerton

Oh, I just love second-chance romances, and they are even better when they are set in the Regency. The newest romance from author Constance Hussey, my guest today, is Trusting Lord Summerton, a second-chance story in which both parties are afraid to risk their hearts. Constance has graciously consented to an interview, during which I have discovered that we have similar views both on the importance of romance novels as well as their continued popularity well into the future.

May I introduce Constance Hussey . . .

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