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Romance in the Limelight:   Winning Cait

My guest today is romance author, Zoë Mullins, who hails from Canada. Her most recent release is Winning Cait, a contemporary romance in her St. Augustin series. It is a second-chance story in which the heroine must come to terms with the man she left behind and decide whether or not she wants to build a new life with him. But beware, this is a story for adults only. As the blurb for this story states, there are " . . . no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!"

Winning Cait in the limelight . . .

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Interview with A.M. Willard, Author of Fading Memories

In my interview with romance author, A. M. Willard, I discovered that I am not alone in having characters who have their own ideas about how their story should be written. She has had similar experiences and it turns out she has handled that in much the same way I ended up doing. As you will discover, she had her hands full with the characters from her most recent novel, the contemporary romance, Fading Memories. Fortunately, she survived the experience, retained her sanity and Fading Memories is now available for everyone to relish watching her two wounded characters find their way to one another.

Please welcome A.M. Willard . . .

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Interview with Constance Hussey, Author of Trusting Lord Summerton

Oh, I just love second-chance romances, and they are even better when they are set in the Regency. The newest romance from author Constance Hussey, my guest today, is Trusting Lord Summerton, a second-chance story in which both parties are afraid to risk their hearts. Constance has graciously consented to an interview, during which I have discovered that we have similar views both on the importance of romance novels as well as their continued popularity well into the future.

May I introduce Constance Hussey . . .

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My Interview at Romance Debuts

I was very pleased to be invited to be a guest at the new Romance Debuts blog yesterday. This is the new blog about which I posted a notice here last month.

I answered a set of interview questions provided by Cate, the blog’s proprietor. Cate asked some thought-provoking questions, several which were new to me, so I enjoyed my interview. I hope you will enjoy reading it and might be amused a time or two. You can find my guest post here.

The Siege of Badajoz by Alicia Quigley

My guest today, Alicia Quigley, is a return visitor. In May, she shared her research into smuggling during the Regency. This summer, Alicia spent some time in Spain, where she was able to visit the site of the Siege of Badajoz, one of the most costly battles of the Napoleonic Wars. In today’s article, she tells us something about that battle, its aftermath and how it relates to one of Georgette Heyer’s most powerful Regency novels, The Spanish Bride. Since she was on the actual spot, Alicia has also provided some photos of the city to give us a taste of how it looks today.

Without further ado, I give you Alicia Quigley . . .

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