BookBub Blogs: For Readers and Authors

Some of you may already know about BookBub. For readers, they offer a free service to provide recommendations for books based on each reader’s preferences. Readers can sign up to get emails with lists of books which fit the criteria they select when they register for the service. Authors and publishers pay to have their books listed in the BookBub recommendations. But did you know that BookBub also has a couple of blogs, one for readers and one for authors?

The BookBub blog for readers offers lots of fun articles about books, authors and a host of book-related topics. For those of you who love writing about books, BookBub is looking for paid contributors to this blog. The details can be found here.

The other blog at BookBub is their Partners blog. This blog is for authors, publishers and even literary agents. The articles posted to this blog offer insights into self-publishing, launching new books, promotion and marketing. Both new and experienced authors will find useful tips here which will help them navigate the modern publishing landscape.


7 thoughts on “BookBub Blogs: For Readers and Authors

    • I must admit, I did not actually do an online search to find them. A friend recently signed up for the service and came upon the blog links while she was browsing the site. She thought I might be interested, so she passed the links along to me. In this case, I am just a conduit of information from my very observant friend.


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