Romance in the Limelight:   Deceit and Devotion

Today, the limelight falls on a new book from Australian romance author, Faye Hall. Her latest release, Deceit and Devotion, like all her previous romance novels, is set in her Australian homeland. This new story is a tale not only of forbidden love, but of a dangerous deception. The hero, a young Aboriginal man, is hired by a cattle rancher to seduce his wife by an arranged marriage. The greedy rancher intends to use the affair as an excuse to take total control of his wife’s valuable property. Unaware of her husband’s actions and miserable in her marriage, the young wife hires the hero to help her to find grounds for a divorce. As attraction flares between them, how can this forbidden love, hedged round by danger, possibly come to a happy ending?

Deceit and Devotion in the limelight . . .

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Secret Codes in Music by Jacki Delecki

Today, I am very happy to welcome back romance author, Jacki Delecki, who has just released the latest novel in her series The Code Breakers, A Cantata of Love. To celebrate her new release, and in keeping with its title, Jacki is sharing some special research which inspired this new story, about how coded messages can be embedded in music. Though her romance is set in the Regency, Jacki also shares information about the use of music to code secret messages in other eras as well.

Now, let Jacki enlighten you about music as code . . .

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Interview with Karen Turner, Regency Romance Author

My guest today is Karen Turner, an author of Regency romances who lives in Australia. She has kindly consented to an interview and I think you will find her lively responses most entertaining and enlightening. Karen in a woman after my own heart, who spends a lot of time researching the period in which she writes because she wants her stories to be as accurate to the period as possible. She has already released two Regency romances, Torn and Inviolate, and she is working on a new romance which is so top-secret that she cannot yet share the title. What a way to pique our curiosity? I can hardly wait for her next romance.

Please welcome Karen Turner . . .

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Romance in the Limelight:   Captivated by the Viscount

I am pleased today to have as my guest Regency romance author, Emily Windsor, whose latest release is Captivated by the Viscount. It is a novella, part of Emily’s The Captivating Debutantes series. Even better, it is set in the Regency, my favorite period in history. Novellas are ideal when you only have a short time to slip back into the Regency, perhaps when you get a summer afternoon to yourself, and simply have to know how the story ends before you put down the book. Particularly when the hero has kidnapped the heroine, for her own good. Now that he has captured her, how will he captivate her?

Captivated by the Viscount in the limelight . . .

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Historical Porto and its Role in the Peninsular War, by Alicia Quigley

Romance author, Alicia Quigley, has just released her newest Regency romance, Lady, Lover Smuggler, Spy. This story is the third in her series about the loves of the Arlingby family. The heroine in Alicia’s most recent Regency romance was a soldier’s wife during the Peninsular War, much of which took place in Portugal. Alica has just returned from a trip to Portugal, where she was able to visit the historical city of Porto. This city was the site of an important victory for General Wellington, and today, Alicia shares her research with us.

Let Alicia Quigley take you back to the days of the Peninsular War in Portugal . . .

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How I Found Out Where to Go and Got There by Alice Orr

Alice Orr’s most recent book in her Riverton Road Romantic Suspense series, A Villain for Vanessa, has just been released. This is the fourth book in the series, quite an accomplishment for any author, but particularly for an author who felt real trepidation at the idea of writing a series of books. Nevertheless, with the encouragement of friends and colleagues, Alice determined to embark on this adventure and has succeeded very well indeed. Today, Alice shares the story of her adventure in writing with us.

Without further ado, how Alice got there . . .

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