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Anne Rice Vs Amazon: more on reviews (with flowchart)

Earlier this week, a member of the RWA, with a new book out, was quite hurt by a very nasty review which someone had posted about her new release. The members of RWA rallied around her, sharing their own experiences with such nasty-grams. Another member shared a link to this post, by KJ Charles, which really puts nasty reviews in perspective. But the very best part of this post, at least as far as I am concerned, is the flow chart which Charles provides at the end of the article, on how to deal with negative reviews on Amazon. I think all authors will enjoy KJ Charles post, and her flow chart!

KJ Charles

Anne Rice, among others, is calling for Amazon reviewers to be forced to give their real identities. ‘The Interview with the Vampire author is a signatory to a new petition calling on Amazon to remove anonymity from its reviewers in order to prevent the “bullying and harassment” it says is rife on the site,’ says The Guardian.

There’s no point going into the stupidity of this because it won’t happen. It would cause the number of Amazon reviews to drop like a rock (silencing not just those who don’t want to be harassed, but also anyone who doesn’t want their parents, partner or potential employer to see what they’re reading), and if there’s one thing Amazon likes other than gouging for gigantic discounts and exploiting workers, it’s onsite reviews. So that’s not what I want to talk about here. What I’m baffled by is…

Anne Rice reads her Amazon reviews…

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Love and Chocolate — A Gift from Alice Orr

Back in the 1950s, there was a clichéd image of housewives who read romance novels while indulging in bon bons. And why not? The truth is that clichés become clichés because lots of people like them. Love and chocolate — Two of the most wonderful things in this world. What’s not to like? Today, romance author, Alice Orr, has a special gift for you. To celebrate the release of her new romance novel, A Year of Summer Shadows, Alice is sharing her special recipe for chocolate truffles, which she assures us are to die for. So, you can make yourself a batch of these delicioius truffles and settle in with your copy of A Year of Summer Shadows. Just remember to set the truffles aside when the romance heats up!

I hope you enjoy Alice Orr’s sweet and special gift to you.   MMMmmmm!!!

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Interview with Erin Satie, Author of the No Better Angels Series

Today, my guest is Erin Satie, whose new romance novel, The Orphan Pearl, is the third book in her No Better Angels series. As you will learn from her answers to some of the interview questions, Erin has done a great deal of historical research and has based her new book on a real, if nearly unbelievable, series of events from the nineteenth century. Then she has laced it with plenty of romance to enrich the tale. Erin is also the first of my guests to write her romance novels in the company of a lovebird. How very appropriate!

Please welcome romance author, Erin Satie . . .

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