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Interview with Rebecca Hunter, Author of Stockholm Diaries, Caroline

If you like romance in faraway places, then Stockholm Diaries, Caroline, the debut contemporary romance by Rebecca Hunter, is just the book for you. And, since Rebecca lived in Stockholm for some time, she is able to give an accurate flavor of the city in which her heroine and hero find their way to true love. I think you will also enjoy her answers to the interview questions. I was particularly intrigued by her views on the differences between contemporary and historical romance heroes.

Please welcome Rebecca Hunter . . .

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A New Blog for New Romance — Romance Debuts

Calling All Debut Romance Authors!

Recently, I leaned that there is a new blog on the romance scene. This new blog, Romance Debuts, is the brain-child of Cate, an avid reader and aspiring writer of romance. Ably assisted by her adorable mascot, Buddy, Cate has created her blog to help romance readers find new romance authors, and vice versa. Along with showcasing new authors for her readers, Cate will also be hosting experienced authors who are willing to share their wise advice with those of us who have just embarked on a career as a romance author.

However, Romance Debuts is not just an author-centric blog. Each week, Cate will also be featuring a review of a romance novel by someone who has just read it. So romance readers looking for new books should make it a point to stop by Romance Debuts each week to check out the latest review. You might find out about a new romance which could be just what you are seeking to escape from the daily grind for a few pleasant hours. Cate makes it very easy to follow her blog via email, so you will not miss any new posts. If you love romance, do stop by Romance Debuts. I think you will be glad you did.

Interview with Nancy Holland, Author of Owed: One Wedding Night

My guest today is Nancy Holland, whose debut romance, Owed: One Wedding Night, was just released in paperback yesterday. I salute Nancy as a woman of determination and perseverance, for this debut novel took twenty years to make it into print. (You can read the full story of the odyssey of Owed: One Wedding Night at Nancy’s web site). A lesson we can all take from Nancy’s experience is that any dream can come true, if pursued with faith and resolve. Nancy has carefully honed the story of Owed: One Wedding Night and if you enjoy a tale of love the second time around, you will enjoy this new contemporary romance.

Please welcome Nancy Holland . . .

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Romance in the Limelight:   Mistress of Purity

Today, the limelight falls on a new love story from down-under, Mistress of Purity. Faye Hall, the author of this new historical romance, lives in northern Queensland, in Australia, with the love of her life and their family. As a student of the cultural history of Australia, she weaves authentic details of her country’s past into her stories of passionate romance. If you enjoy tales of love in exotic locales, you should enjoy this new romance from Faye Hall.

Mistress of Purity in the limelight . . .

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