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Kathryn Kane — Romance To Close

At the end of this month, the Kathryn Kane — Romance blog will close permanently. Guest posts will only be accepted for post dates which occur before Friday, 31 March 2017. After that, there will be no further posts made to this blog. Commenting will be allowed though the month of March. After that, all commenting will be closed as well.

Though Kathryn Kane — Romance will be closed at the end of March, the blog will not be taken offline. There are a number of informative articles which have been posted here over the years which may still be of interest. Therefore, though no new articles will be added, the blog will remain online.


How I Found Out Where to Go and Got There by Alice Orr

Alice Orr’s most recent book in her Riverton Road Romantic Suspense series, A Villain for Vanessa, has just been released. This is the fourth book in the series, quite an accomplishment for any author, but particularly for an author who felt real trepidation at the idea of writing a series of books. Nevertheless, with the encouragement of friends and colleagues, Alice determined to embark on this adventure and has succeeded very well indeed. Today, Alice shares the story of her adventure in writing with us.

Without further ado, how Alice got there . . .

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Interview with Mandi Benet, Author of To Rome With Love

I am very pleased today to feature debut romance author, Mandi Benet. Earlier this month, Mandi released her first romance novel, a contemporary love story set, as you can guess from the title, in the Eternal City, Rome. Her debut novel, To Rome With Love, is the first in a series entitled Love in the City. Mandi’s heroine is a talented chef who pays a visit to Rome while on the rebound. There she encounters a handsome, irresistible Italian, and despite the fact she has sworn off men, particularly those of the Italian variety, sparks fly. Will those sparks explode into true love?

Please welcome Mandi Benet . . .

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Romance Coloring Books?

Recently, I read an article at the Publishers Weekly blog which reviewed the ups and downs in the categories of books sold in 2015. What was most surprising to me was the powerful impact which coloring books had on book sales last year. Several of my friends have taken up coloring and I must admit I am also considering joining in the fun. But I had no idea how widespread the interest in coloring books is among adults.

Which got me thinking, how cool would it be to have coloring books based on our favorite romance novels? My guess would be that coloring books based on the novels of Jane Austen would do quite well, since so many people love her books, and the look of the Regency. Of course, I think coloring books with scenes from the novels of Georgette Heyer would also sell very well. I certainly would buy any which were published. What do you think about the idea of romance coloring books?

Interview with Tracey Clark, Author of Shocking Finds

My guest today is Tracey Clark, whose debut release is Shocking Finds, a contemporary fantasy romance well laced with magic. I was pleased to learn from Tracey’s interview that she, like me, has to deal with the voices of her characters making their opinions known in her head, whether she likes it or not. Some characters can be so demanding! Tracey, it turns out, is a native Kentuckian and she has set her debut romance in the lush bluegrass state. Her debut novel is a fantasy romance with a Fae heroine, a gorgeous hero sent to protect her and a whole race of people the two of them will have to find a way to save. What is not to like?

Please welcome Tracey Clark . . .

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Romance in the Limelight:   Winning Cait

My guest today is romance author, Zoë Mullins, who hails from Canada. Her most recent release is Winning Cait, a contemporary romance in her St. Augustin series. It is a second-chance story in which the heroine must come to terms with the man she left behind and decide whether or not she wants to build a new life with him. But beware, this is a story for adults only. As the blurb for this story states, there are " . . . no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!"

Winning Cait in the limelight . . .

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