My two most favorite definitions of this word are found in the great Oxford English Dictionary:

  1. A fictitious narrative, usually in prose, in which the settings or the events depicted are remote from everyday life, or in which sensational or exciting events or adventures form the central theme; a book, etc., containing such a narrative.
  2. The character or quality that makes something appeal strongly to the imagination, and sets it apart from the mundane; an air, feeling, or sense of wonder, mystery, and remoteness from everyday life; redolence or suggestion of, or association with, adventure, heroism, chivalry, etc.; mystique, glamour.

Between them, these two definitions set out most of the things which I have always loved about tales of romance. Remote from my mundane, everyday life; with characters and events which appeal strongly to my imagination; filled with glamor, heroism, adventure, chivalry, and mystique. The only thing missing in those definitions is the crucial happily ever after. For me, to qualify as a romance, the story simply must have a happily-ever-after ending for the heroine and her hero.

*         *        *

Though in reverse order, now that the "Romance" part of the name of this blog has been addressed, on to the "Kathryn Kane" part.

I am Kathryn Kane, a writer of romances, mostly those set in the time of the English Regency. However, I am also working on other tales of romance set in different times, places, and even in quite imaginary realms. I have been reading romance novels since I first discovered them as a teenager, and they continue to be my favorite form of recreation. Since romance is the largest selling genre in popular fiction, I know I am not alone in my enjoyment of appealing stories in which a couple find their way to one another despite the impediments which they might find in their path on the road to true love.

Since my first romance novel has just been published, an erotic Regency romance, Deflowering Daisy, I want a place separate from my Regency history blog, The Regency Redingote, where I can share news about my book, and other romances. I would love to host other romance authors here to enable visitors to learn about other stories of romance of which they might not otherwise be aware. My hope is that Kathryn Kane — Romance will become a place were everyone who loves romance can come to learn about new authors and books and share their ideas about romance.

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