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Secret Codes in Music by Jacki Delecki

Today, I am very happy to welcome back romance author, Jacki Delecki, who has just released the latest novel in her series The Code Breakers, A Cantata of Love. To celebrate her new release, and in keeping with its title, Jacki is sharing some special research which inspired this new story, about how coded messages can be embedded in music. Though her romance is set in the Regency, Jacki also shares information about the use of music to code secret messages in other eras as well.

Now, let Jacki enlighten you about music as code . . .

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Interview with Karen Turner, Regency Romance Author

My guest today is Karen Turner, an author of Regency romances who lives in Australia. She has kindly consented to an interview and I think you will find her lively responses most entertaining and enlightening. Karen in a woman after my own heart, who spends a lot of time researching the period in which she writes because she wants her stories to be as accurate to the period as possible. She has already released two Regency romances, Torn and Inviolate, and she is working on a new romance which is so top-secret that she cannot yet share the title. What a way to pique our curiosity? I can hardly wait for her next romance.

Please welcome Karen Turner . . .

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