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Romance Authors Needed for Research Project

Calling all Romance Authors!

If you are a romance author and have not yet done so, please consider taking the survey set up by Libby Cuskelly. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Southern Queensland who is conducting anthropological research into the changes which are working their way into the publishing industry as digital platforms emerge and expand. She is particularly interested in hearing from those who have taken the plunge into self-publishing.

The last day to take the survey is this Saturday, 28 February 2015. If you are a published author and would like to help Libby with her research, you can find the survey here:

For those of you who would like to be more involved in this research project, you will be able to provide your email address at the end of the survey and Ms. Cuskelly will send you the details for the interview. If you would like to contact her directly, you can reach her at


A Not-So-Dirty Secret About Writing Sex by Alice Orr

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Most appropriately for this day dedicated to love, romance author, Alice Orr, launches A Wrong Way Home, her most recent romance suspense novel. A Wrong Way Home is the first book in her Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series, and in honor of its launch, she is my guest here today with an article I think every romance author, and even romance readers, will want to read, A Not-So-Dirty Secret About Writing Sex.

As a romance author and reader myself, and one who enjoys intimate love scenes, I am in complete agreement with Orr’s views on writing them. There is a delicate balance in the writing of a truly romantic erotic love scene which each author must find for herself. But I am sure it will be much easier for any author who understands this not-so-dirty secret.

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Romance in the Limelight:   A Dangerous Passion

For those who like to visit the thrilling Old West, A Dangerous Passion by E. E. Burke is just the passport they need to that wild time. Burke’s heroine, Lucy Forbes, born and raised in staid New England, travels west to join her father and encounters a larger-than-life man of the west, Henry Stevens. But is he villain or hero? And how will she decide?

A Dangerous Passion in the limelight . . .

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"Mutual Attractions" Launches

One of my favorite bookstores and one of my favorite romance publishers have announced the debut of a new program this month. Powell’s Books, an independent bookseller, and Avon Romance, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, are launching a new romance recommendation platform. This new program will launch this month, and what makes it special is that each set of recommendations will be curated by a well-known romance author. The author/curator for the first set of recommendations is Julia Quinn, the New York Times bestselling romance author. For February, Quinn has prepared a list of recommended books that she believes will be "mutually attractive" to readers of romance novels.

A number of independent booksellers offer curated recommendation programs on various fiction genres, but this new program is the first of which I am aware that is a cooperative effort between an independent bookseller and a publisher. There are so many romance novels published these days that it can be very confusing, not to mention expensive, for romance readers to find books they will enjoy. Recommendations from romance authors we know and respect should bring some very good reads to our attention. As a romance author as well as a romance reader, I am always interested in the books other authors enjoy. I am looking forward to this new romance recommendation program.

For more details on this program, and to see Julia Quinn’s list of recommended romance novels, check out this recent news release.

Romance in the Limelight:   Finding the Way Back To Love

Finding the Way Back To Love is a new contemporary romance by author Katie O’Boyle which is being released today. This is a story about a heroine and hero in their thirties, with real life issues with which they must struggle, while trying to find their way to one another. The obstacles in their path are significant, but will overcoming them make finding their way back to love all the sweeter?

Finding the Way Back To Love in the limelight . . .

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