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Romance in the Limelight:   Hello, Goodbye

Tess Delacour’s new release is Hello, Goodbye, a contemporary romance with a bit of a twist. In this story, the hero is the one who was left at the altar. Hurt so deeply that he has essentially sworn off women, except for the occasional meaningless romp in the sheets, he strongly resists his attraction to the heroine. But that determined lady is also strongly attracted to this resistant hero and has no intention of letting the poor man wallow in his private pain. How will she free this gorgeous and intelligent man from the fortress of indifference he has built around his heart and teach him to love again?

Hello, Goodbye in the limelight . . .

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Interview with Ann Lethbridge, Romance Author

I am delighted to have Ann Lethbridge, award-winning Regency romance author, as my guest today. She is one of my favorite authors, and it is a treat for me to have her here. Ann’s newest book is The Duke’s Daring Debutante, and on the occasion of its release, she has graciously consented to be interviewed. I think you will learn at least a few things you did not know about her, and I am certain you will want to read her new book.

Please welcome Ann Lethbridge . . .

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A Cautionary Tale for Authors by Regina Jeffers

Recently, romance author Regina Jeffers has been through something which no author welcomes. Last year, her trusted publisher revised their mission, which had the result of ending her long and happy relationship with them. Suddenly, this popular, award-winning author had to find a new publisher. And, in today’s new publishing landscape, that was far from a simple task, even for an author with her track record. As my guest today, Regina has kindly shared some of her experiences along the rocky road to a new publisher.

I think all authors, those just starting out and those who have a substantial backlist, will find Regina’s cautionary tale rich food for thought.

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Interview with Barbara Edwards, Author of Annie’s Heart

Annie’s Heart, the newest romance novel from my guest, Barbara Edwards, is set in the old west. Having been born and raised in the west myself, I have a soft spot for westerns, and for second-time-around stories. There is something very special about a story in which the heroine and her hero have had their hearts trampled in the past, but are eventually able to let go of that pain in order to make a new and happy life together.

Please welcome my guest, Barbara Edwards . . .

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Love, Romance and Shakespeare in Summer Stock

My guests today are Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese, a team of authors who put no limits or labels on love or romance. Though they do make use of labels in describing themselves, when it suits them. In today’s post, they share some of the background for their most recent novella, Midsummer, in which an unlikely pair of men find their way to one another while members of a summer stock company staging William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This new novella is part of a gay romance series called Love’s Labours, all of which are set in the world of the theatre and take their titles from Shakespearian plays.

Please let Erin and Racheline tell you a little about their new romance . . .

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Interview with Lilith Darville, Author of The Scorpio Saga

This is the first time I have had a guest who has written a romance with a heroine who shares my name, at least my nickname. It turns out that the heroine of Scorpio Rising, Lilith Darville’s most recent romance, is called Kat, though she spells her full name differently. Lilith Darville is a romance author who enjoys reading and writing erotic romance, just as I do. And, she shares my view that such romances can help real-life lovers enliven and enrich their intimate relationships. However, I must admit, I am a bit jealous to discover she has a "magical" cat that obeys commands.

I would like to introduce Lilith Darville . . .

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Only Two Weeks Until the RWA/NYC Chapter’s Romance Festival

The date for the Romance Festival sponsored by the New York City Chapter of Romance Writers of America is fast approaching. It will take place on Saturday, 20 June 2015, in New York City. It has been announced that the guest speakers will be romance authors Maya Rodale and Lauren Willig. The Romance Festival will be held at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, an elegant eighteenth-century mansion which is the oldest house in Manhattan. Tables are available to rent by those who have materials to display, but it is free to attend the festival.

For complete details and contact information . . .

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