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Calling All Historical Romance Readers and Writers

For all of you who love to read and/or write historical romance, best-selling historical romance author, Jess Michaels, has something new for all of you. She has reinvented her Buy A Historical newsletter as a free electronic publication which will alert romance readers to new historical romance novels. Naturally, in order to provide those new titles, Jess invites all historical romance authors to submit the details on their new releases to her, also at no charge.

Below is the information which Jess has provided about her new newsletter for both readers and writers:

The Buy A Historical newsletter goes out once a week on Wednesday and announces NEW historical romance releases. The service is free. Authors can submit their books at in the Authors section. Readers can subscribe to the newsletter in the Readers section.

The Buy A Historical newsletter is run by me, Jess Michaels. Author of nearly 60 published historical romance novels, USA Today Bestseller, indie pubbed, formerly published by Avon, Pocket, Hachette, Samhain. If anyone has questions they can contact me at Please reference Buy A Historical in the email subject line.

If you enjoy reading historical romances and want to be kept up to date on the new releases in that genre, you will want to subscribe to Jess’s newsletter. And, if you are an author of historical romances, but sure to submit the details on your new releases so they can appear in the Buy A Historical newsletter.


My Interview with Dena Garson

Yesterday, I was honored to be the guest of romance author, Dena Garson, at her blog. Dena is an author after my own heart who enjoys very naughty romance novels. Since my debut novel, Deflowering Daisy, falls into that category, I felt most welcome. Dena posed some questions in her interview which I had not encountered before, which made the interview fun for me.

Please feel free to pop over to Dena’s blog if you would like to read my interview with her. Perhaps you will learn something new about me and Daisy, too.