Romance in the Limelight:   Captivated by the Viscount

I am pleased today to have as my guest Regency romance author, Emily Windsor, whose latest release is Captivated by the Viscount. It is a novella, part of Emily’s The Captivating Debutantes series. Even better, it is set in the Regency, my favorite period in history. Novellas are ideal when you only have a short time to slip back into the Regency, perhaps when you get a summer afternoon to yourself, and simply have to know how the story ends before you put down the book. Particularly when the hero has kidnapped the heroine, for her own good. Now that he has captured her, how will he captivate her?

Captivated by the Viscount in the limelight . . .

Bare-chested man, standing behind a blond woman in a blue dress, kissing her neck.

Captivated by the Viscount   Blurb

A lot can change in four nights….

Ruination and kidnap were not on Miss Lucy Lazenby’s list of planned events for that week…even if it seems to be for her own good. Caught up in the lies and passion of Lord Danbury, Lucy finds the truth can never be hidden for long.

Jasper Carnforth, Viscount Danbury is really doing the girl a favour by ruining her…if it just so happens to coincide with his own need for vengeance — all the better. However keeping the delectable Lucy in his home is more of a challenge than he’d imagined.

Retribution may have brought them together, but desire has its own agenda.

This fast paced Regency novella (34,000 words) is the first standalone story in The Captivating Debutantes Series.

Captivated by the Viscount   Excerpt

Jasper had awakened in his study feeling decidedly fat headed. Falling asleep here seemed to have become a nightly occurrence. The candles had gutted leaving him in darkness except for the dull burning of wood from the grate. For a moment he relished the emptiness it provided. No problems, no revenge and no curvaceous lasses with blue eyes. He reached over to the table, fumbling for his glass. Thank Christ it still had some drink in it. He didn’t just need it for the alcohol but to take away the goddamn awful taste in his mouth. He swilled the cleansing liquid. He should just forget it all. Tell Lucy the truth and then…and then what. Return her to her brother — not bloody likely.

He suddenly heard the main door click. He knew Bill was somewhere about in the house, but he usually closed the door with more force. Jasper stumbled around looking for more candles, and finally lit one after more fumbling trying to light it from the dying embers of the fire, at least it hadn’t died completely as he couldn’t see the tinderbox anywhere.

He’d best have a look outside.

He found his shoes but didn’t bother putting them on, his coat and waistcoat were not to be had anywhere. Cursing his own untidiness and Robinson’s tidiness for good measure he made his way to the door, frowning at the unsnuffed candle on the hall table. The bolts were all thrown and Jasper’s senses went on alert. A crunch in the courtyard outside made him open the door quickly.

The flickering candlelight struggled to illuminate the darkness ahead, but even through the gloom he could see Lucy. She was standing some thirty yards away. She glowed was Jasper’s first thought. Secondly he noticed the look of horror on her face. Before he could speak she turned and fled like a doe confronted with a hound.

"Lucy," he shouted, "what in the hell." Jasper yanked his shoes on, stumbling as he rammed them on his feet, and started to run after her, throwing the candle onto the yard. It was pitch dark but his eyes had already adjusted to the black. He could just see the flash of her petticoats under the cloak. She was headed for the forest.

"God, no, Lucy," he called. He hadn’t been here to maintain the nearby forest, and poachers were prevalent. Their main way of catching their dinner was with mantraps. Thoughts of Lucy, her face twisted in agony, a trap caught round her leg spurned him on.

She was quick, and before he could draw breath she was sprinting on. The skies decided at that moment to further hinder his efforts, and rain began to fall in earnest. His lack of clothes however helped his pursuit. Free from sodden clothing he carried on dodging the trees. Finally he saw Lucy ahead struggling to release the catch on her heavy saturated cloak.

"Lucy," he shouted. She looked up and turned to run again. Jasper couldn’t bear for her to move another inch, knowing she may fall prey to a trap at any minute. He hurled himself at her, grasping her round the waist, bearing the brunt of the fall by twisting his body so Lucy fell atop him. She kept struggling though and he turned, his heavy body pinning her to the leafy bed. He took some weight off and her nails tried to rake at his face.

"Let go of me, let me go," she cried. Jasper finally grabbed her wrists, restraining them to either side of her head. She still struggled, her body writhing under his in a bid to be free. She had no hope of getting away. He was heavier, stronger and could keep her subdued with just the force of his body. He let her struggle until she was exhausted and finally she softened, all fight draining from her.

Jasper buried his head in the wet hair that had become loose at her neck, letting his firm body sink into her softness. She smelt of jasmine, rain and…Lucy — and he breathed it in deeply. God, he had been so scared she’d be harmed. Slowly he lifted his head and turned to Lucy’s face. His lips whispered over her cheek and he tasted salt and rain.

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About the Author

Emily Windsor grew up in the north of England on a diet of Regency romance and classical mythology. She spent much of her teens devouring Masquerade Mills and Boon in the local library (instead of doing homework) before progressing to the delights of Judith McNaught and Shirlee Busbee.

Unfortunately you couldn’t study Regency manners so she gained a degree in Classics and History instead. This ‘led’ to an eight year stint in engineering. Finally deciding that city life was not for them (there was a husband now), they moved to a dilapidated farmhouse in Spain. There her days are spent writing, fixing the leaky roof, trying to encourage the recalcitrant vegetables to grow and keeping the cat off the laptop.

She is currently working on the second book in the Captivating Debutantes Series which involves putting together all the scribbled notes that are scattered around the house!

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