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Interview with A. C. Rose, Erotic Romance Author

My guest today, A. C. Rose, is a journalist and the author of several erotic romance novellas, across multiple romance genres. This is the first time a collection of novellas have been featured here. There are times when a shorter story is just what we want in order to get our romance fix when on a tight schedule. And those shorter romances may be just the thing if one takes Rose’s suggestion to share them with your significant other as a way to switch things up in your personal romance. Be generous, don’t keep your romance stories to yourself, share them with your partner and see where they can take you.

Please welcome my guest, A. C. Rose . . .

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Interview with Catherine Chant, Author of Wishing You Were Here

My guest today is Catherine Chant, whose most recent book is Wishing You Were Here. It is the first in her Soul Mates series and is a young adult time travel romance in which the heroine is transported back in time to save the life of a young musician. But we have all heard those dire warnings about not interfering with history if we should happen to travel back in time. How will things go for this heroine and her hero?

Until you can get your copy of the book, you can learn more about Catherine from her interview . . .

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Romance in the Limelight:   In His Corner

The emergency room is the last place on earth you would expect to find romance. That is what the hero of In His Corner by Vina Arno thinks. But Tommy Raines, an Olympic gold-medalist boxer known as the Juggernaut, falls head over heels for the beautiful doctor who stitches up his cut. Their singular encounter in the ER leads to a passionate but rocky romance.

In His Corner in the limelight . . .

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Camp Followers During the Peninsular War by Susana Ellis

Today’s guest post, featuring romance author Susana Ellis, is very special. In this bicentennial year of the Battle of Waterloo, Susana had the idea of a romance with that momentous event as a back-drop. It was such a good idea that other romance authors joined in, and the result is a lively new Regency romance anthology, Beaux, Ballrooms, And Battles. Today’s post also marks another milestone here, since Susana is offering a very nice giveaway to readers. But this giveaway ends tomorrow, so don’t wait to enter.

In addition to all of that, Susana is also sharing her research on the lives of the women who followed the drum during the Allied campaigns on the Iberian Peninsula to drive out the French and free Spain from the grip of Bonaparte. Once you have read Susana’s article, dare I suggest that you would prefer to be the heroine in her romance rather than one of the women whose lives she researched?

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Interview with Ruth Kaufman, Author of Follow Your Heart

Today, I am very pleased to host author Ruth Kaufman, whose new medieval romance novel, Follow Your Heart, is being released today. This is an important day for Ruth, since Follow Your Heart is the second book in her Wars of the Roses Brides series. Today also marks something of a milestone here, since Ruth is the first of my guests who has chosen to do an interview. I think she has chosen an interesting set of questions, and I believe you will be both enlightened and impressed by her answers.

Please welcome my guest, romance author Ruth Kaufman . . .

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HarperCollins Publishers Tangle With Amazon

Late last week, news came that HarperCollins Publishers were planning to challenge Amazon over the renewal of their contract with the book-selling monster. This past fall, after a fierce and public battle, the large publishing house, Hachette, won the right to set the prices for their books, rather than surrendering that right to Amazon. Some industry watchers believe that HarperCollins will pull all of their books from the Amazon web site if they are not able to strike a satisfactory deal for the new contract. If that should happen, it would significantly reduce the inventory of books available at Amazon, since HarperCollins is one of the world’s largest publishers. Readers of romance novels may, or may not, recognize the parent company name, but all of them will recognize Avon and Harlequin, both of which are currently owned by HarperCollins.

This could be bad news for Amazon, since HarperCollins is already set up to sell eBooks via their own web site and has made deals with both Scribd and Oyster. It has been suggested by some publishing experts that if HarperCollins does a new deal with Amazon, their terms will include access to the online bookseller’s customer data. Such information would be of tremendous value to the publisher, since it will give them more detailed profiles of those who are buying their books.

Should they gain access to that customer information, will HarperCollins use it not only to sell their books to consumers, but will they also use it to determine which books they will publish? Might they also use that same information to direct how the books they publish should be written? Which begs the question, will inspiration and craft be replaced by data sets provided to authors?

More details about the HarperCollins Publishers deal with Amazon can be found at these sources:

Romance in the Limelight:   The Code Breaker Series Box Set

For the first time, the limelight falls on a boxed set of Regency romances. And not just any Regencies. This is a set of three romances, set during the Napoleonic Wars, in which determined ladies and courageous gentlemen risk all for king and country, and for love. How will each heroine, and her hero, foil the nefarious plots of French spies while confronting their own powerful passions?

The Code Breaker Series Box Set in the limelight . . .

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