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Romance Coloring Books?

Recently, I read an article at the Publishers Weekly blog which reviewed the ups and downs in the categories of books sold in 2015. What was most surprising to me was the powerful impact which coloring books had on book sales last year. Several of my friends have taken up coloring and I must admit I am also considering joining in the fun. But I had no idea how widespread the interest in coloring books is among adults.

Which got me thinking, how cool would it be to have coloring books based on our favorite romance novels? My guess would be that coloring books based on the novels of Jane Austen would do quite well, since so many people love her books, and the look of the Regency. Of course, I think coloring books with scenes from the novels of Georgette Heyer would also sell very well. I certainly would buy any which were published. What do you think about the idea of romance coloring books?


Interview with Tracey Clark, Author of Shocking Finds

My guest today is Tracey Clark, whose debut release is Shocking Finds, a contemporary fantasy romance well laced with magic. I was pleased to learn from Tracey’s interview that she, like me, has to deal with the voices of her characters making their opinions known in her head, whether she likes it or not. Some characters can be so demanding! Tracey, it turns out, is a native Kentuckian and she has set her debut romance in the lush bluegrass state. Her debut novel is a fantasy romance with a Fae heroine, a gorgeous hero sent to protect her and a whole race of people the two of them will have to find a way to save. What is not to like?

Please welcome Tracey Clark . . .

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A New Blog for New Romance — Romance Debuts

Calling All Debut Romance Authors!

Recently, I leaned that there is a new blog on the romance scene. This new blog, Romance Debuts, is the brain-child of Cate, an avid reader and aspiring writer of romance. Ably assisted by her adorable mascot, Buddy, Cate has created her blog to help romance readers find new romance authors, and vice versa. Along with showcasing new authors for her readers, Cate will also be hosting experienced authors who are willing to share their wise advice with those of us who have just embarked on a career as a romance author.

However, Romance Debuts is not just an author-centric blog. Each week, Cate will also be featuring a review of a romance novel by someone who has just read it. So romance readers looking for new books should make it a point to stop by Romance Debuts each week to check out the latest review. You might find out about a new romance which could be just what you are seeking to escape from the daily grind for a few pleasant hours. Cate makes it very easy to follow her blog via email, so you will not miss any new posts. If you love romance, do stop by Romance Debuts. I think you will be glad you did.

Only Two Weeks Until the RWA/NYC Chapter’s Romance Festival

The date for the Romance Festival sponsored by the New York City Chapter of Romance Writers of America is fast approaching. It will take place on Saturday, 20 June 2015, in New York City. It has been announced that the guest speakers will be romance authors Maya Rodale and Lauren Willig. The Romance Festival will be held at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, an elegant eighteenth-century mansion which is the oldest house in Manhattan. Tables are available to rent by those who have materials to display, but it is free to attend the festival.

For complete details and contact information . . .

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Your Invitation to the RWA/NYC Chapter’s Romance Festival

If you will be in New York City on 20 June 2015, the New York City Chapter of Romance Writers of America cordially invites you to attend their annual romance festival. Not only is the topic of this festival romance, so is the setting. It will be held at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, an elegant eighteenth-century mansion which is the oldest house in Manhattan. Adding to the romantic ambiance, this Georgian mansion is nestled in lovely landscaped grounds. What better place to celebrate romance in all its many forms, while you enjoy live music in the garden? And, did I mention, it is free?

For complete details and contact information . . .

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Interview with Rachel Leigh Smith, Author of the A’yen’s Legacy Series

I find myself in awe of my guest today, Rachel Leigh Smith, a romance author who has overcome real-life trauma. She affirms my belief that romance is not only a pleasant recreation, it can also be a life-affirming balm to the soul, as it clearly was for Rachel. She is also one of an emerging group of romance authors who write hero-centric romances, which are becoming increasingly popular with romance readers, even if most major publishers have not yet come to grips with that trend. Nor can I resist noting that Rachel is an author after my own heart, since, just as I did in my own debut romance, she has named her heroine after a flower. A natural and delicate name for a woman of strength and courage.

Please welcome romance author, Rachel Leigh Smith . . .

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