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Interview with Tracey Clark, Author of Shocking Finds

My guest today is Tracey Clark, whose debut release is Shocking Finds, a contemporary fantasy romance well laced with magic. I was pleased to learn from Tracey’s interview that she, like me, has to deal with the voices of her characters making their opinions known in her head, whether she likes it or not. Some characters can be so demanding! Tracey, it turns out, is a native Kentuckian and she has set her debut romance in the lush bluegrass state. Her debut novel is a fantasy romance with a Fae heroine, a gorgeous hero sent to protect her and a whole race of people the two of them will have to find a way to save. What is not to like?

Please welcome Tracey Clark . . .

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BookBub Blogs: For Readers and Authors

Some of you may already know about BookBub. For readers, they offer a free service to provide recommendations for books based on each reader’s preferences. Readers can sign up to get emails with lists of books which fit the criteria they select when they register for the service. Authors and publishers pay to have their books listed in the BookBub recommendations. But did you know that BookBub also has a couple of blogs, one for readers and one for authors?

The BookBub blog for readers offers lots of fun articles about books, authors and a host of book-related topics. For those of you who love writing about books, BookBub is looking for paid contributors to this blog. The details can be found here.

The other blog at BookBub is their Partners blog. This blog is for authors, publishers and even literary agents. The articles posted to this blog offer insights into self-publishing, launching new books, promotion and marketing. Both new and experienced authors will find useful tips here which will help them navigate the modern publishing landscape.

The French Empress & The British Gardeners

Yesterday, I was the guest of romance author, Caroline Warfield, at her blog. The topic of my post at Caroline’s blog is one that is near and dear to my heart, roses. In particular, I wrote about how Empress Joséphine put literally hundreds of species of roses under cultivation in her gardens at Malmaison during the Napoleonic Wars, with the able assistance of her head gardener, who was an Englishman. In addition, she was a regular customer of the pre-eminent English nursery, Lee and Kennedy. And both the Prince Regent and the Royal Navy also provided assistance from time to time.

You can find my article here. I do hope you will enjoy it.