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Romance in the Limelight:   Bella’s Band

The romance novel in the limelight today is Bella’s Band, by Alina K. Field. This story is set in my favorite period, the Regency, after the Battle of Waterloo, which took place in June of 1815. But this is not just a romance, it is also a mystery, which promises to add extra spice to the tale as the hero and heroine come to trust and care for one another.

Bella’s Band, in the limelight . . .

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May I Present My New Web Site

I am very pleased to announce that my brand new author web site is now online. I feel much more like a real romance author now that I have a web site that says so. My intention is that this new web site will serve as an online hub which provides information about me, my books, and an easy point of contact for anyone who wants to get in touch with me. My web site will also provide links to both my blogs.

This new web site is the work of a couple of art students who are studying at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston. Watercolor artist Bryan Ramey painted all of the art for the web site and created the digital images of his art. Web designer Mariana Muriago took those images and incorporated them in to a web site which I think represents me very well. I hope you will like their work as much as I do.

If you would like to have a look at my new web site, you can see it here: I hope you will like it enough to bookmark it and will visit often.

Deflowering Daisy Book Spotlight

Recently, Deflowering Daisy was placed in the spotlight at the Erotic Romance News blog. The book spotlight post did indeed put the full focus on my new erotic Regency romance, including the cover, blurb, an excerpt and the author bio and avatar. This online exposure is very much appreciated, especially by a brand new author like me. It is very difficult to let potential readers know about a new romance in the current romance landscape, and the opportunity to put the details of my new erotic Regency romance in front of readers looking for erotic romance is invaluable.

I am very grateful to romance author Karyn Gerrard for the book spotlight. She is the administrator of the Erotic Romance News blog and she very kindly arranged for the spotlight to be posted there.

Rose’s Roses at Blue Rose Romance

Flowers play an important part in my debut novel, Deflowering Daisy. In the story, some of the most sensual and romantic scenes take place in an extensive rose garden and its large rose-covered arbor. The hero compares this rose garden with the grand rose garden which was developed by the Empress Joséphine at the Château de Malmaison, her lavish country estate outside Paris.

Recently, as a guest of romance author Collette Cameron, at her blog, Blue Rose Romance, my article about the color and fragrance of the roses which would have been found in the gardens of Malmaison was posted. Those roses were very different than the majority of roses found in most gardens today. If you are interested in old roses, particularly roses which would have been growing during the Regency, you might enjoy my article, Rose’s Roses — Color and Fragrance at Collette’s blog.

The Elements of Romance by Sarah Waldock

Today, I am delighted to welcome Sarah Waldock, fellow Regency author and researcher, as my very first guest at Kathryn Kane — Romance. Sarah’s essay on the elements of romance can be appreciated not only by writers of romance, but also by romance readers as well. I think you will enjoy Sarah’s take on what makes a real romance, not to mention that understanding what makes a good romance novel, you will relish them all the more.

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