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Guest Post at Susana’s Parlour

Susana’s Parlour is a blog published by romance author Susana Ellis, for readers and authors of historical romance. This blog is an interesting mix of articles covering a wide range of historical periods and articles about new historical romance novels. So, if you read or write historical romance novels, you will want to pay a visit to Susana’s Parlour. You are sure to find many articles there which will interest you.

Susana has most kindly invited me into her parlour today. My guest post in her parlour includes a new interview as well as information about my book, Deflowering Daisy. Along with the blurb and a brief excerpt from the book, you will find a secret about an item used by the heroine, Daisy, in the story. I hope you will take a look at my guest post as Susana’s Parlour today.


Steampunk:   Sparking Steamy Romance by C. V. Madison

Steampunk technology is the backdrop for author C.V. Madison’s new romance, With Proper Maintenance. In particular, she has focused on the powerful and complex steam-powered engines which drove the great iron steamships across the oceans from the end of the nineteenth century into the twentieth century. In today’s article, guest author C. V. Madison shares how she carried out her research and how she wove the results into her new novel, With Proper Maintenance.

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Flowers in the House at Gilflurt’s Guide to Life

Yesterday, I was honored to have an article posted at A Covent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life, a blog published by Madame Gilflurt on all aspects of the long eighteenth century. If you have not paid this fascinating blog a visit, do take some time to browse around. But be prepared, there are so many interesting articles there, you will find it hard to click away.

My new article, Flowers in the House: A History, at Madame Gilflurt’s blog, is a brief history of how flowers were used in the home over time, with an emphasis on the eighteenth century and the Regency. Flower arrangements are included in my debut novel, Deflowering Daisy. One very large arrangement, in particular, is an important part of the developing relationship between Daisy and her hero. This new article provides more detail over a longer period of time with regard to the changes in how flowers were used in homes up to and including the Regency. I hope you will enjoy it.