For Guests

Romance Authors are always welcome guests at Kathryn Kane — Romance. There are three different types of guest posts available to any romance author who would like to guest here. Each format is outlined below. Please feel free to choose whichever format you prefer.

Please contact me at the following email address to me know which format you would like to use for your guest post, to get a list of interview questions if you prefer that format,
and to schedule the date for your guest post:

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Article About Romance

Articles about any aspect of an author’s most recent romance novel, or about romance in general, are welcome. Research you have done on some interesting topic which figures in your newest release would make an ideal article by which you can share more in-depth details with your readers and potential readers. Or, if you hold strong opinions on any aspect of reading, writing or publishing romance, please write an article about that, or any other aspect of romance which interests you. Articles can be of any length, but a maximum length of 3,000 words is recommended.

Articles may be submitted as Word documents, .RTF or .HTML files. Please be sure to include the link to your web site, social media links and buy links for your book with your article. Articles should be submitted at least three days prior to the date of the scheduled post.

Romance Author Interview

If you would prefer your guest post here to be an interview, I have put together a list of twenty-five interview questions on various aspects of romance. You may choose any ten of those questions to answer. If you prefer, you can substitute any of your own questions, especially if you believe the answers to those questions will intrigue and inform your readers. Please email me at the email address above for a copy of the list of questions.

Interview questions and answers should be submitted as a Word document at least three days prior to the scheduled post date. Please be sure to include the link to your web site, social media links and buy links for your book with your interview file.

Romance in the Limelight

With this option, a guest author can put their newest romance in the limelight. A Romance in the Limelight post will feature just your most recent release and will provide prospective readers with all the information about your new book in one place.

For a Romance in the Limelight post, the guest author should provide:

  • Book Cover Image
  • Blurb
  • Excerpt
  • Author Bio
  • Photo or Avatar (optional)
  • Web Site and/or Social Media links
  • Buy Links for the Book

Please provide the files for your Romance in the Limelight post at least three days prior to the scheduled date of the post.


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    • My apologies! That image is merely a picture of my email address. The trawlers that spammers use to harvest email addresses cannot read it, thus protecting my email account from loads of spam. But humans can easily read it and send me emails.

      I have responded to your Limelight request privately.



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