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The Black Moth Post at the Beau Monde Blog

As many of you know, The Beau Monde, the Regency specialty chapter of Romance Writers of America, is celebrating the eightieth anniversary of the Regency romance genre this year. Since the very first Regency-set novel was written by Georgette Heyer, and published in 1935, a number of Beau Monde members are writing articles about her historical novels this year. The primary focus is on Heyer’s Regency novels, but we are not ignoring her other historical novels in this year-long celebration. Remarkably, Georgette Heyer is credited with originating not just the Regency romance genre, but the historical romance genre as well.

My article at the Beau Monde blog is about her very first novel, The Black Moth, written when she was just seventeen. She initially wrote it as a way to entertain her younger brother, who was confined to bed due to his hemophilia. Though it is not my favorite Heyer novel, I do consider The Black Moth her most important novel, for multiple reasons. If you would like to read my article on The Black Moth, and find out why I think it is her most important novel, you can find it here:

I hope you will enjoy it.


Romance in the Limelight:   Steam Me Up, Rawley

The most recent romance from self-confessed geek girl romance author, Angela Quarles, is a steampunk romance entitled Steam Me Up, Rawley. Set in an alternate American South in the Gay Nineties, the heroine is seeking a way to ruin herself and thereby avoid a dull society marriage when the hero, a doctor, arrives on the scene. He is just in time to join her in the dangerous investigation of a murderer who may be a copycat killer in the style of the infamous Jack the Ripper. Love and mystery in a steampunk world. How will it all end?

Steam Me Up, Rawley in the limelight . . .

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Romance in the Limelight:   Direct Deposit

This Direct Deposit is not what you think it is. A bank may be involved, but again, it is not the kind of bank which first springs to mind. Direct Deposit is an upcoming contemporary romance release from author Marilyn Baxter. A heroine who loves children but thinks she has had enough of men, and a hero who is a reformed bad boy. Will she settle for a withdrawl from the bank, or will she allow him to make a Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit in the limelight . . .

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Romance Gets Some Respect

This year, most appropriately, in February, and just a few days before Valentine’s Day, the Library of Congress will be hosting a two-day conference dedicated to our favorite genre of fiction, romance. This conference will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 and 11 February 2015, at the Center for the Book at the Library of Congress, in Washington, D. C. So far as I know, this is the first-ever conference to be held with a specific focus on romantic fiction which will be attended not only by romance readers and writers, but also scholars of the genre. As far as I am concerned, it is about time that romance was shown some respect as a true art form, not dismissed as a trivial type of fiction read only by women.

The title of this conference is "What Is Love? Romance Fiction in the Digital Age." It is described as an international, multimedia conference to discuss all aspects of romance, in particular what modern romance can reveal about our culture and beliefs. A new documentary film, "Love Between the Covers," about the readers and writers of romance, will be previewed on the first day of the conference. On the second day of the conference there will be a number of panel discussions on various topics within the romantic fiction genre. Popular romance has only recently become recognized as a legitimate field of academic study, but a conference like this, held at such a prestigious institution as the Library of Congress, provides clear affirmation that it is truly taken seriously within the academic community.

Attendance at the conference is free, but registration is only available on a first-come, first-served basis. The conference sponsors include Harlequin, the world-wide romance publishers, as well as the Romance Writers of America, George Mason University, Penguin Random House and the Nora Roberts Foundation. Registration is now open for those who would like to attend.

Specific details about the conference can be found on the Library of Congress web page for the event, at: There is also a link on that page to register for the conference and/or the screening of the documentary film about romance readers and writers.

Romance in the Limelight:   Naughty Little Wishes

Today, the limelight falls on a newly released book by romance author Nina Crespo. Naughty Little Wishes is a contemporary romance between opposites pulled together against their will by a powerful attraction. My heart really goes out to this heroine. The hero does not like ice cream! What is the matter with him? Cool, creamy ambrosia, the most important food group on the planet and he does not like it? This heroine certainly has her work cut out for her! Then again, will ice cream survive the heat between these two?

Naughty Little Wishes in the limelight . . .

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