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Romance in the Limelight:   Deceit and Devotion

Today, the limelight falls on a new book from Australian romance author, Faye Hall. Her latest release, Deceit and Devotion, like all her previous romance novels, is set in her Australian homeland. This new story is a tale not only of forbidden love, but of a dangerous deception. The hero, a young Aboriginal man, is hired by a cattle rancher to seduce his wife by an arranged marriage. The greedy rancher intends to use the affair as an excuse to take total control of his wife’s valuable property. Unaware of her husband’s actions and miserable in her marriage, the young wife hires the hero to help her to find grounds for a divorce. As attraction flares between them, how can this forbidden love, hedged round by danger, possibly come to a happy ending?

Deceit and Devotion in the limelight . . .

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