How I Found Out Where to Go and Got There by Alice Orr

Alice Orr’s most recent book in her Riverton Road Romantic Suspense series, A Villain for Vanessa, has just been released. This is the fourth book in the series, quite an accomplishment for any author, but particularly for an author who felt real trepidation at the idea of writing a series of books. Nevertheless, with the encouragement of friends and colleagues, Alice determined to embark on this adventure and has succeeded very well indeed. Today, Alice shares the story of her adventure in writing with us.

Without further ado, how Alice got there . . .

How I Found Out Where to Go and Got There

Have you ever not known what to do next? I don’t mean what to do for the next few hours or days. I mean have you ever not known what to do next with your life? That was my dilemma five years ago. What was I going to do with the rest of my working life?

We were moving back east after ten years in the northwest where our grandchildren were pretty much my profession. The move included not selling our house in a bad market and renting instead. That kept me busy but not for long enough. The question mark of my future still loomed.

I opted for being depressed until — twenty added lower-body pounds later — I finally sought advice. I did know one thing by then. After a sixteen-year hiatus I wanted to write fiction again. I asked my traditional publishing contacts about that and a chorus rang back. "Write a series."

I’d published several romantic suspense novels in my old days but they were all single titles. A series? The word alone made my throat close up so tight I had to whimper my reply. "I can barely remember how to get through one book."

The chorus ignored me and chortled its next verse. "Write a contemporary romance series. They’re selling now. You can do it Alice." Wow. A vote of confidence.

My pride wouldn’t allow me to interject a reminder that I write romantic suspense. Obviously no one remembered anyway. Including me with my faulty recall of how to write a novel at all. I agreed all the same. And I tried and tried and tried again.

Three times the chorus intoned its verdict. "Sorry. No takers." I found the nerve to mention I should be writing a romantic suspense series. The chorus tripled down. "No market for those now." Meanwhile other voices murmured in the background. Not at chorus decibel strength but steadily. "Go Indie Alice."

The idea of trying a series freaked me out. The thought of braving a non-traditional publishing wasteland froze me to the bone. Before moving west back at the turn of this century I’d spent my professional life as first a book editor and then a literary agent. I had wasteland eyes.

Fits and starts followed. More fits than starts. Maybe metamorphosis happens in jittery jumps rather than graceful leaping. I’d need many pages to tell the farcical tale. Of me grappling to hang onto my dilapidated dignity while I exited my comfort zone and entered uncertainty.

But guess what? This unknown territory turned out to be the opposite of wasteland. A new chorus greeted me. Online chat groups and info-packed emails and hours-long phone calls. A community reached out to me. Writers who walk the perilous path I’d chosen and are still upright. They clutched my wobbling two-wheeler and became my training wheels.

They urged me to create the stories I tell best. They taught me with their own pages what series writing should be. Most of all they encouraged me by echoing a chorus I’d heard before but experienced much differently now. "You can do it Alice," they said. So I did.

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A Villain for Vanessa Blurb

A story of tangled roots and tormented love.
Two families are shaken to their roots. Vanessa Westerlo must find her roots. Bobby Rizzo is torn between Vanessa and his true roots. They are all tormented by love — past and too present. Meanwhile a man has been murdered. And that is the most tormented tangle of all.

Alice Orr is known for Delicious Suspense spiced with Romance.
She does it again in A Villain for Vanessa.

A Villain for Vanessa is Book 4 of the Riverton Road Romantic Suspense series set in remote Riverton, New York. This story features the Kalli family and the fortunate people who find safety and welcome at the Kalli homestead on Riverton Road. A Wrong Way Home is Book 1 of the series and A Year of Summer Shadows is Book 2. A Vacancy at the Inn is Book 3 and introduces the Miller family of Riverton Road Hill.

You can order A Villain for Vanessa via the link below:


As a special gift from Alice, her first book in the Riverton Road Romantic Suspense series, A Wrong Way Home, is currently available as a free eBook via this same link.

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About the Author

"Alice Orr is a brilliant writer who has a number one best seller in her pocket," says one Amazon reviewer. Alice loves to write. Especially romantic suspense novels and blog posts. She’s been a workshop leader, book editor and literary agent. Now she lives her dream of writing full-time. So far she’s published fifteen novels, three novellas and a memoir — either traditionally or independently. Alice wrote her nonfiction book, No More Rejections: 50 Secrets to Writing a Manuscript that Sells, as a gift to the writers’ community. A revised edition is now in progress. Amazon says, "This book has it all." And calls her novels, "Delicious well written suspense spiced with a love story." Most of all, Alice is thrilled to hear from readers. Visit her at her website Alice has two grown children and two perfect grandchildren and lives with her husband Jonathan in New York City.

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