Interview with Lilith Darville, Author of The Scorpio Saga

This is the first time I have had a guest who has written a romance with a heroine who shares my name, at least my nickname. It turns out that the heroine of Scorpio Rising, Lilith Darville’s most recent romance, is called Kat, though she spells her full name differently. Lilith Darville is a romance author who enjoys reading and writing erotic romance, just as I do. And, she shares my view that such romances can help real-life lovers enliven and enrich their intimate relationships. However, I must admit, I am a bit jealous to discover she has a "magical" cat that obeys commands.

I would like to introduce Lilith Darville . . .

Q:   What is your favorite romance genre, and why?

A:   Oh boy, I’m blushing as I think of my immediate response to this, but I’d have to say erotic romance. I love reading about love that is enriched by good sex, and I love that my life is enriched by the enduring love of a man who makes sex fun and is very good at it. After all these years, his desire and passion for me still makes me blush, now that’s romance….

Q:   How do you begin thinking about a new story, with the characters or the plot?

A:   I’ve done both. For the Scorpio Saga series, Connor, the hero, came first with the heroine nipping at his heels. Plot came first for the story I’m working on now.

Q:   When you craft a hero, are you incorporating traits from men you know, or are you writing about a man you have never met, but would like to?

A:   I may not actually know the man, but I always start out with an image of someone, often a favourite movie or TV star. I then craft my character profile based on the fatal flaw and internal/external motivators. Once I start writing, the character speaks to me and takes on a life of her/his own.

Q:   Do you always have control of your characters when you are writing, or do they sometimes get away from you? If so, can you share some examples of how you got them back in line, or did you just go with the flow?

A:   My characters often try to go off in a direction of their own, and usually it’s taking me somewhere brilliant. 🙂 I do, however, ask them the five whys and the answers to those questions usually determine which one of us wins that discussion.

Q:   Many authors have said that writing the first pages of a new story are the hardest to write. Do you find that to be the case?

A:   I’d say I only find writing the first couple of paragraphs difficult. Once I get over those, I’m off to the races.

Q:   Did your latest romance just flow as you wrote, was it a battle to capture in words, or something in between?

A:   Like most writers, I make writing a discipline. I wake at 4:30am every morning to write, and some days words come faster than I can key (and I key about 100 wpm) and sometimes it’s a battle. What I’m learning when it’s battle time is the surge ahead with the ideas and worry about refining when revising.

Q:   Other than one you have created, who is your favorite romance hero or heroine?

A:   Jamie Fraser hands down. Oh, I know, Diana Gabaldon’s books are multi-genred, but no one will ever convince me that they’re not romances. Jamie and Claire—ah….

Q:   Do you have scheduled times to write, or just when you are inspired?

A:   I absolutely believe in discipline and write five days per week religiously. I tend to leave weekends for family time and research or plotting discussions with my hubby.

Q:   Are your friends and family supportive of your craft?

A:   Hands down, my husband, who collaborates with me on the books, and our daughter are my biggest fans. I’d say many, not all, other family members are supportive of my craft, but some refuse to read the books due to the erotic content. I have friends that swing both ways—some are very appreciative of the hard work it takes to write a book, and some just wrinkle their wee noses in disgust.

Q:   Do you have a pet who keeps you company while you write? Can you share a favorite story about this furry companion?

A:   Our wonderful and disturbed cat, Magic, keeps me company by sitting outside of my office door. Occassionally, she tries to cross the invisible line, but quickly retreats when I say, "Magic." She creates such havoc with my papers and attempting to take over the keyboard that she’s banned from entry while I’m writing.

Q:   If you were not a romance author, what other creative activities would you pursue?

A:   Music and musical theatre—I love music and sing in a choir. I’ve also acted in a few musicals and would love the time to do more.

Q:   Beyond the satisfaction of the happily-ever-after ending, in your opinion, what else does reading a romance novel offer its readers?

A:   I’m hopeful in addition to providing a romantic escape, that my books help couples explore their fantasies, or, at the very least, opens a dialogue that leads to building a richer sex life. I’m always appalled when I read the stats on how many women do not enjoy an enriching sex life.

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Scorpio Rising   The Scorpio Saga — Book 3   Blurb

Welcome back. Connor McClane here to escort you on another adventure of love, lust, and intrigue.

To bring you up to date:   A serious car crash has wiped Kat’s memory—and she doesn’t remember me. But she sure wants to have sex! The brain trauma removed her inhibitions and now—just when I’m desperately battling an anonymous hostile takeover of my corporate empire—she thinks it’s a great time to explore the depths of her sexual desires.

I know I was the crash’s intended victim. Are the accident and the takeover connected?

My name is Katherine King and now you know as much about me as I do. I woke up in the hospital to find one hot hunk of a man standing watch. His captivating eyes are filled with love and lust. My mind may not remember him, but my body sure does. Inhibitions? What are those? I’m ready to experiment and this Connor McClane is just the man to show me how.

Can Connor keep Kat safe and save his empire or will he lose both? If you’ve learned nothing else in The Scorpio Saga, you should know one thing-never underestimate Connor McClane unless you’re willing to suffer the consequences…

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