Interview with Kristi Jun, Author of Enemy’s Kiss

Today, I am delighted to have as my guest, Kristi Jun, who has just released her debut Regency romance novel, Enemy’s Kiss. Though Kristi’s novel is set during the Regency era, the geographical setting of her story is not one common to the Regency romance genre. Her story of love and suspense takes place in part in Tibet. For those of you who like intelligent and courageous heroines and tough, rugged, but gentlemanly heroes who find romance in an exotic locale, you will definitely want to get a copy of Enemy’s Kiss.

Please welcome my fellow Regency aficionado and author, Kristi Jun . . .

Thank you for the opportunity to be a guest today on your blog.

Hi, I’m Kristi Jun and I write Regency Romance. My debut book, Enemy’s Kiss, will be published in mid May.

I will admit I spent most of my teenage years daydreaming and reading romance novels ’til the wee hours of the night. I somehow managed to graduate and get accepted to UC. After that came marriage and family. Through it all, the stories I had read as a young girl stayed with me over the years. I started my first manuscript in college, but I didn’t finish it until a decade later. I went on to write a second novel, The Enemy Spy. This manuscript went on to win several awards and full requests from NY publishing houses.

Q:   How do you begin thinking about a new story, with the characters or the plot?

A:   It depends. With my first story I wrote in college, the plot came to me first. I got to know the characters while I was writing the story. With the second one, it was the characters. I knew their back story, their struggles before the plot came to me.

Q:   Is there any romance author you particularly admire?

A:   I would have to say Nora Roberts. Not only is she a fabulous writer, but she has a tremendous work ethic. I admire her strength and her no-nonsense approach to writing. It is something I strive to do, to approach my writing like a small business, work hard and evolve as a writer.

Q:   What is your favorite romance genre?

A:   I LOVE historical, especially Regency romance. I love the ceremony and the sensibilities of the period. I simply can’t get enough.

Q:   When you suffer from writer’s block, how do you unblock?

A:   I read when I’m stuck. It usually helps to unblock my creative process. I also watch movies or I might take a walk or get a breath of fresh air just to clear my mind.

Q:   Many writers have said that writing the first pages of a new story are the hardest to write. Do you find that to be the case?

A:   No. I find that beginning a new story is very liberating and exciting, like taking a trip to a place where I’ve always wanted to visit and not knowing exactly how things to turn out.

Q:   If you were not a romance writer, what other creative activities would you peruse?

A:   Artist, perhaps a painter. In 3rd grade, my entry took 3rd place for the entire elementary school. I was so surprised and extremely happy. I never thought I’d win. I’ve always enjoy drawing and painting.

Q:   Do you have scheduled time to write, or just when you are inspired?

A:   I think of my writing as if I’m running a small business. If I only write when I am inspired, I don’t think I’d get much done. While I can’t write everyday on the weekdays since I’m teaching, I write on the weekends. I also write early mornings when I can get the time in, usually at 5am before work. I don’t work during the summer, so it’s a perfect time to get a lot of writing done.

Q:   Are your friends and family supportive of your craft?

A:   Most of my friends are writers, so they are very supportive of my process and journey. They understand what it takes and how difficult it can be. My family has been very supportive of me as well, especially my younger sister. She is my cheerleader.

Q:   Where can we visit you online?

A:   Come visit me at I love to hear from readers and friends. When you come and sign up for my newsletter, you will be automatically entered into a monthly giveaway. My newsletter subscribers are privy to cover reveals, deleted scenes, character interviews, monthly giveaway that non-subscribers will not have access to.

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Woman in a red dress with her brown hair lose lying on the ground while a bare-chested kark-haird man leans over her, just about t kiss her,

Enemy’s Kiss   Blurb

She gave up her future for justice…

Emma Willoughby had an idyllic life until her parents were murdered and her world, as she knew it, came undone. She sacrificed everything and even accepted a marriage proposal from a man she thinks knows the identity of the killer. Unfortunately, he is murdered before she’s able to discover the truth. Now the Crown claims a mission to Tibet will bring the answers she seeks. The trouble is, the man who has been assigned to protect her, a man she’d once deceived, is an arrogant spy who wants nothing to do with her.

He lived a lie to protect his family…

Michael Whitfield left home nearly a decade ago, but when his childhood friend is murdered and accused of high treason, he is determined to clear his name and the criminal brought to justice no matter the cost, even if it means accompanying the woman who turned out to be nothing more than a heartless viper. But as their mission takes twisted turns and reveals a sinister plot that threatens both their lives and the lives of the innocent, his admiration for her grows and sparks between them once again ignite. But can he trust his heart to a woman whose history holds nothing but lies?

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