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Yesterday, I was delighted to be the guest of award-winning romance author, Jess Michaels, at her blog. She also writes erotic romance set in the Regency, and every Monday she hosts a fellow erotic romance author, giving them a chance to share their research and/or information about their new book. This Monday was my chance to share some details about how I came to write my debut Regency romance, Deflowering Daisy. You can find my guest post at Jess Michaels’ blog here.

Though Jess Michaels writes mostly historical erotic romance, she hosts authors who write erotic romance in all genres. If you enjoy erotic romance, you will want to check out Jess’ regular Monday guest posts to discover authors with whom you may not yet be familiar. And, of course, you will want to have a look at her Books page to enjoy her gorgeous covers and to learn about her luscious books. You can also sign up for her newsletter while you are there so you will get the latest news on her new releases and guest appearances. In addition, all subscribers will have a chance to win a very nice prize each month.


3 thoughts on “Guest Post at Jess Michaels’ Blog

  1. excellent: This is what I put when I shared it to facebook [I know you’re not a fan but all publicity is good publicity]
    I’m not usually a huge fan of erotic regencies, but the raison d’etre of Kat Kane’s debut work is logical and overcomes my scruples, and I’m looking forward to reading it when it comes out in paperback. Kathryn’s blog posts are a delight to read and very erudite so I anticipate great things from any novel by her.

    • You have put me seriously to the blush, but I am very grateful for your efforts on my behalf!!! I must admit, I find even the idea of Facebook quite daunting, so I do thank you for making my work known in that realm!



      • Facebookland has its place. I confess I tweeted it too. Social media is not, to my mind, as useful a tool in getting known as a blog, but it can be handy to reach a different audience.

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