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Today, I am pleased to announce the debut of my new blog, Kathryn Kane — Romance. This blog will be devoted to all aspects of my favorite recreational activity, romance novels. Many of you may be wondering why I need another blog when I already have The Regency Redingote, which I have been publishing for more that six years. But the Redingote was created to focus primarily on historical snippets of the English Regency for the edification of Regency romance authors and their readers. I have come to the conclusion that I want to keep it that way.

So, why I decided to create Kathryn Kane — Romance …

With the release of my first Regency romance novel, Deflowering Daisy, I knew I would have to make some decisions about the fate of my Regency history blog, The Regency Redingote. For the last six years, the Redingote has been my online Regency history notebook, shared with those with an interest in that period of history. Based on the many comments posted to my articles there, it is clear to me that a lot of people, including Regency authors, find those articles useful. As much as I love researching and writing articles for the Redingote, I also need to promote my new book, because I would like people to know about it, and, hopefully, read it. But I have come to the conclusion that book promotion and a history research notebook will not blend well.

Therefore, I have decided to keep The Regency Redingote as my online Regency history notebook, and have started this new blog, Kathryn Kane — Romance. But this blog will not be devoted only to the promotion of my book. I have always enjoyed romance novels, and I would like this blog to become a venue where other readers of romance can come to discuss the books they have read, or the romance genre in general. I would also like Kathryn Kane — Romance to become a place were romance readers can come to find out about new authors and new books.

I have listed links to a number of romance author sites in the sidebar here, and any author who does not find a link to there web site on that list is welcome to contact me to request having a link to their site added to the list. I would also be happy to host any romance author here, to talk about romance or to share information on a new release.

If you are a romance author and would like to guest here, and/or would like a link to your web site or blog added to the list of romance authors posted here, please send me an email at Kathryn dot K dot Kane [@] gmail dot com. I apologize for the convoluted nature of the email address, but it should be easy for humans to figure out while keeping my email address out of the grubby mitts of those nasty spam harvesters.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Kathryn Kane — Romance

  1. I shall enjoy following you here as well as at Regency Redingote. I understand your reasons for the separation, but I also feel that you’re entitled to use the following which you have built up on that blog to promote your writing. So I would suggest that every time you post here about your writing, you also post a link on RR. That way you can remind people who love your research that you’re also an author, and make it easy for them to find you, without diluting the history notebook.

    • I really appreciate your suggestion. I have been wondering how much to mix this new blog with the Redingote without annoying the visitors who go there just for the history posts. Your idea is a great way to let Redingote visitors know about what is going on over here without being too intrusive.

      Thanks very much!


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